Aligning a world of different perceptions under a singular brand position.


In the brewing industry, the saying goes: “all marketing is local.” And since you can buy a bottle of Corona Extra in every time zone around the globe, that’s a universe of locales. So how do you achieve worldwide brand consistency while still embracing cultural differences and local executions?


We began with an intensive brand assessment study in 12 cities across 11 countries – from Mexico to Moscow to South America. We researched consumer perceptions and studied distribution strategies, retail channels and competitive tactics. We fielded peer-to-peer focus groups and asked beer drinkers to keep journals of their activities, their friends and their passions. And we interviewed scores of Grupo Modelo’s distributors, importers, regional managers and key accounts.

Working together with our client, we identified the core brand truths and created the international messaging framework – allowing Corona Extra to own a single, unifying brand position. We crafted a global brand book to educate and inspire everyone from executives and agency partners, to global sales teams and regional distributor networks. It culminated with a workshop at Grupo Modelo’s World Summit, which included organization and skill frameworks for activating the new global brand strategy.

In an effort to support Corona Extra and build additional market share in the Grupo Modelo portfolio of brands, we revised the international brand architecture and portfolio strategy – giving Corona Extra, and seven other brands in their portfolio, a clear role to play both at home and abroad.


Corona Extra has a unified global brand positioning strategy with the flexibility to adapt across cultures to address local customer preferences. Since that time, Corona Extra has experienced record growth, increased local market share and strengthened brand affinity.