Breaking the mold and mapping a new footwear success story.


The very first product from Crocs catapulted them to fame. But fashion is fickle. And style is personal. And the classic garden clog can be polarizing in the public eye – challenging growth opportunities. Born of innovation, Crocs’ product development team was ready to introduce dozens of new styles. The big question: how do you evolve your brand to maintain its current equities but stand for something new? better? different? more?


This strategic assignment required an extensive research and insights effort involving consumer focus groups, retail tours and stakeholder interviews in markets all around the world. We studied lifestyle behaviors, cultural nuance, price sensitivity, shopping habits, fashion sensibilities and more. We explored wearing occasions, identified consumer segments and carved out untapped territories.

Working together with Crocs’ executive team, we identified the universal truths that were core to the Crocs brand. We outlined rational and emotional needs and expressed examples of how Crocs meets them. This proprietary positioning took into account where Crocs has been and more importantly, where Crocs is headed. As they apply these insights and evolve products, the addition of the Brand Strength Monitor measures how their brand is performing worldwide on the most critical brand metrics – with the ability to track their image and product sales by market segment.


Crocs has a clear brand strategy and inspired direction for future product development, with socialized brand tools to ensure the entire organization and its retailers are in alignment. Crocs continues to outfit more of the world’s feet from a growing number of retail outlets, and the business is experiencing record sales.