Repositioning healthcare so everyone feels good.


Kaiser Permanente is America’s largest HMO with 9 million members and 600 medical offices. It was also the first to confront an epidemic of criticism about rising health costs and lowering patient care. And, in an increasingly commoditized industry, it was difficult to differentiate in an effort to build affinity with patients. Kaiser needed a plan to make heath care feel good again.


We embarked on an intense research effort involving focus groups, personal journals, interviews and field surveys. We spoke to patients and providers; members and non-members; purchasers, brokers and consultants; policy makers and labor leaders – all in an effort to understand different perspectives, barriers to entry and opportunities for engagement.

Across all audiences, we identified a series of critical consumer insights and developed a proprietary brand position focused on health advocacy. A series of brand tools were created to educate and inspire internal teams and agency partners across the country. From insurance plans to medical services to marketing materials – Kaiser Permanente approaches every aspect of their business as an opportunity to help people feel good.


The shift from “sick care” to “healthy care” was embraced throughout the organization. Kaiser was the first integrated delivery system to express a value proposition to the consumer in a way that mattered to them. The positioning was recognized in the New York Times for its success in the industry and has become the benchmark for healthcare marketing and branding initiatives.