Creating an aspirational brand position that transcends product lines.


Samsung is a leading technology innovator with award-winning designs that have attracted millions to their products. But in an industry where product lifecycles are measured in months – and functional advantages can be vanquished overnight – Samsung needed shoppers to move beyond features and benefits, and emotionally connect with their brand.


We launched a worldwide qualitative study covering the US and across the pond to London and Paris. Dozens of workshops allowed consumers to express themselves and share feelings about how technology affects their lives.

From this exploration, we identified the driving consumer disposition and emotional territories Samsung could own in the marketplace – over time, across product categories and despite cultural nuance. We collaborated with Samsung’s CEO, executive leadership and agency partners to develop a master brand positioning that allows Samsung equities to not only be shared, but leveraged across all categories.


Global appeal for the Samsung brand is at an all-time high with a retail store approach in current development. Samsung has always had an aggressive, innovative and thoughtful philosophy to product development. Now they have a brand platform to match.